Tins, Infusers & Teapots

Hanging Cup Infuser
Hangs on the side of any cup or mug. Easy to use and simple to clean. Versatile for all types of tea, plenty of room for leaves to infuse and great for bulkier herbal infusions. Robust and long lasting. ..
Tall Black Plug Storage Tin
L85mm x W85mm x H185mm Large size. Good seal but easy on and off lid..
Teapot Design Tin
L71mm x W71mm x H93mm   Suitable for 60 - 100g Black or Green tea or 20 - 30g Mixed Herbal..
Tin, black small
L69mm x W69mm x H90mmStorage Tin suits 60 to 100g Black or Green Tea, 20 - 30g Mixed Herbal..
Tin, Medium Hexagonal Caddy
L104mm x W104mm x H138mm Teapot Pattern Design Tin CaddySuits approx 100 - 200g Black or Green Tea, 60 to 100g Mixed Herbal Tea..
Unbleached T-SAC Filters Box 100 or Trial 10
TEE-SAC FILTERS-DisposableGreat for making jugs or bottles of ice tea, for herbs that stick to wire infusers like chamomile or when travelling or taking to work. Easy dispose of, no fuss or mess.  You control the quality of leaves inside!Unb..
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