Tips for a great cuppa

  • Use one teaspoon per cup - approximately 2 to 3 grams.  The teaspoon will be heaped with most of the bulkier teas and a flat one with the denser teas. It will also vary depending on the size of your cup, mug or pot and your personal taste. Experiment a little!
  • For Black or Pu-erh Tea, use boiling or near boiling water. Brew 2-3 minutes if drunk black, and up to 5 minutes if you have milk.
  • Green Tea is more delicate and needs slightly cooler "off the boil" water or it will become bitter. Brew Green Tea for 1-3 minutes only.
  • White Tea requires even cooler water than green tea but you can brew for a longer time. Rooibos, Herbal and Fruit Teas like boiling water. Brew for about 2-5 minutes to personal taste.
  • Large leaf teas have a larger surface area and will generally require a longer brewing time than a teabag. Most teabags are filled with "fannings" ie. "dust", which is designed for a quick instant infusion, similar to instant coffee.